NOTE * :    Princess's Headwear     ( 公主头饰设计 )     Registration CLOSED!   All the best to all participants ~ LFDA
the Royal Floria Putrajaya 2015
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Princess's Headware   ( 公主头饰设计 )  

Princess Headwear

Participants are required to create a design representative of cultural and/or traditional influence, so as to capture the essence of a Princess’s majestic and sovereign spirit.

Mannequin heads will be provided for this competition; it can be collected from the organizer for pre -structured and other dried materials installation 3 days before the competition. Proper steps should be taken to ensure materials used are fully conditioned and stay fresh for up to 10 days throughout the entire event.

• Structures, dried materials, gluing, wiring, drilling and taping can be prepared in advanced on the mannequin head. NO prior assembly of fresh materials are permitted on the mannequin head before the competition day.

• Total design composition should utilize 60% of fresh flowers materials, 40% of other dried materials and/or decorative ornaments.

• Displays need to be fully completed at the designated competition zone by 6.00pm on 28th May 2015 ( Thursday )

• Judging will commence on 29th May 2015 ( Friday )

• Judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.

• Winners will be announced on the official opening on 30th May 2015 ( Saturday )

• Participants need to dismantle and clear away ALL their design and displayed materials on 08th June 2015 ( Monday ) between 9.00am - 5.00pm.

    Space Details    

i. Open floor, wall area L1000mm & L1200mm with two different height of display cubical stands: Tall unit 1000mm x 500mm x 1000mm & Low unit H750mm x 500mm x 1000mm.

ii. Plastic Mannequin Head.

iii. 6 nos. Power point.

iv. 12 nos. 100 w long arm spotlight.

v. Description tag ( on cubical stand )

This will have 2 categories under Professional & Armature. Winners will receive a trophy, certificate and cash prizes of RM 600.00, RM 400.00 and RM 200.00 for the Gold, Silver and Bronze respectively and Discretionary Awards will be presented for two ( 2 ) Merit Awards with a certificate and cash prize of RM 100.00 each and one ( 1 ) LEAF Creative Award.

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H/P : +6016 - 335 9886   ( Kathy Ong AIFD, CFD )



ROYAL FLORIA CUP 2015 and Princess Headwear Category Registration Full!
Registration Closed on 30th APRIL 2015.

Only 04 categories available for registration
1 ) Dining Room Design.
2 ) Innovative Wall Art.
3 ) Potted Orchid Garden.
4 ) The Art of Vegetables, Fruits and Flowers.

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